5 Reasons To Choose EZ Concept Products

5 Reasons To Choose EZ Concept Products

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EZ Concept®, a distinctive brand of architectural finishing systems by Studco Building Systems®, is a complete solution for achieving the ultimate ‘clean line’ interior finish for modern buildings. Flush-finish walls and ceilings are produced quickly and easily with the EZ Concept range of durable metal sections, including the patented EzyJamb® door jamb. So why should customers choose EZ Concept? Here are five reasons to consider the purchase of EZ Concept products.



It takes years of dedicated hard work from a dynamic team of professionals to earn a reputation as a national industry leader. For nearly 30 years, Studco Building Systems has become renowned as the leading innovator of building products such as the world-renowned EzyJamb flush finish door jamb systems, Vortex High-Performance Framing Systems®, Resilmount® Sound Isolation Systems, and more.

Studco’s range of EZ Concept architectural finishing systems are designed to be fast, economical and durable solutions that create the modern seamless looks for interior spaces. The EZ Concept team is driven by innovation and dedicated to helping resolve the pain points that face today’s customers.

Complete System

The EZ Concept range of products are available in standard or custom sizes to fit any requirements and achieve the perfect fit. This complete system makes it easy to create a consistent, contemporary theme throughout the building. From doors and window openings to pelmets, skirting, access panels, and other architectural finishing systems, EZ Concept products create a seamless modern interior finish.

Modern Styling

Modern interior design favours the clean line look of minimalistic doors, windows, pelmets, skirting, and other finishing. EZ Concept products accomplish this by eliminating architraves and creating square set finishes to bring any modern interior design to life.

The EZ Concept team works closely with clients to help create the design visions of architects and designers, by thinking outside the box and developing solutions to suit a wide variety of applications.

Fast Construction

EZ Concept products are produced with perforated sides for flush jointing around the plasterboard. This makes them the fastest, most economical way to create that flush-finish look.

Many EZ Concept products have been created by listening and problem solving the pain points of contractors and builders. The EzyPelmet, for example, was developed after builder feedback revealed that traditional methods for constructing window pelmets were a time consuming and tedious process, often resulting in cracked plaster. The EZ Concept team created the EzyPelmet two-piece steel pelmet system as a durable, easy to install solution.

Secure and Durable

EZ Concept products are manufactured from highest quality cold-formed steel. This steel is specialty coated and can be painted immediately, readily accepting a level 5 finish for a smooth transition between the wall and door face.

In addition, EzyJamb door jambs have surpassed the 10,000-door slam test, so you can rest assured that you have installed a durable, quality system.



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