It’s Difficult to Create Recessed Pelmets this Easily

It’s Difficult to Create Recessed Pelmets this Easily

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EzyPelmet offers a response to the difficulties of constructing recessed pelmets. A two-piece steel pelmet box designed for simplicity – minimising the input required to create recessed features and conceal curtain/blind and lighting fixtures.

Simple Design Leads to Simple Installation

Installation is straight-forward with the EzyPelmet’s two pre-finished steel pieces. A wall track and pelmet piece slide into one another comfortably to form the shape.

This process eliminates the need for manually constructing the pelmet out of plasterboard or MDF. Not only is this time consuming, but is oftentimes not feasible as many building sites do not allow MDF to be machined on-site. The pre-shaped form of the EzyPelmet cleverly avoids these concerns.

EzyPelmet living room
Concealed blind fixings inform the seamless wall-to-ceiling flow of this interior space.

An Architectural Advantage

The architectural advantages the system offers encompass:


The steel composition maintains form indebted to its composition. Unlike MDF and plasterboard alternatives, the steel is hydrophobic and thereby resistant to moisture in the air seeping in and causing cracking.

Concealed Fixings

Blends into a modern interior with ease as there are no visible fixings whatsoever once the pelmet has been painted over. This ensures the continuous flow from the ceiling to the pelmet, unrecognisable as separate pieces upon completion.

Installation Order

The two-piece design provides the freedom to install after fitting of the ceiling.

EzyPelmet Window
Floor-to-ceiling windows extending above the ceiling thanks to the EzyPelmet.

Adjustable to Precise Needs

The EzyPelmet is customisable to suit the needs of a wide range of projects. Sizing is offered on a custom basis with alterations to width and depth available. More sizing information can be found in Pages 38-39 of the Specification Book.

For more complex installations, additional sections are offered, including joiner pieces as well as end caps.

This all serves to make the system versatile in application. The pelmet’s fluidity of design requires no alterations for a Wall Mount or Clearview installation. The system can either be fixed to the wall lining or to the top of the window section – whatever the design calls for.

EzyPelmet Clayfield
A home installation where a recessed feature at the top of the window frame allows the blind to sit inside this rebate.
EzyPelmet recessed lighting
A commercial installation of the EzyPelmet, utilised to conceal recessed feature lighting.

A Straight-Forward System

Recessed curtains and blinds open vast panoramas, but whilst this finished look is stunning, it can undeniably come with installation frustrations. Weighty curtain fixtures oftentimes require additional framing to support the load. The EzyPelmet however, enables auxiliary support to be easily installed above the pelmet.

This ease of construction also applies to lighting features. Feature lighting – or any other light load – does not require additional ceiling framing. Recessed lighting illuminates interior landscapes to renew the spacious quality of an interior. Out of sight, this lighting cascades down the walls in luxurious fashion. The EzyPelmet creates this effect effortlessly.

A wealth of architectural and construction advantages together form the easier way to create recessed features.

Modernism is defined by simplicity.
Define your interior with EzyPelmet.

Case Studies

Yale House, CT
Products Used
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The Garrett at The Collective, WA
WC Smith
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EzyJamb SRC, RocYork Concealed Hinges
AVEC on H Street, WA
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EzyJamb EZC, RocYork Concealed Hinges


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