EzyJamb Inswing (ISD) Door Jamb

EzyJamb Inswing (ISD) Door Jamb

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EzyJamb® Inswing Door – ISD is the ultimate door jamb system to achieve a seamless look in hallways and corridors. Contrary to traditional door jambs, EzyJamb ISD allows the door to swing open into the corresponding room, but can be installed flush in line with the wall face, hiding the appearance of doors along the wall.

The EzyJamb Inswing (ISD) door jamb: 

  • Suitable in applications where you require the door to open inwardly.
  • Perfect for achieving a flush finish in hallways and corridors.
  • Custom made to perfectly fit your wall thickness.
  • Comes with RocYork Concealed or Mortise Hinges

Top 6 reasons to choose EzyJamb ISD door frames 

1. EzyJamb ISD allows the door to be installed flush with the wall and open into the corresponding room.
2. EzyJamb ISD wraps the plasterboard during framing to conceal fixings and incorporate the door to the wall.
3. EzyJamb ISD is made from the world-renowned quality steel.
4. EzyJamb ISD is simple to install and can be painted immediately.
5. EzyJamb ISD is complemented by RocYork® Hinges, designed and tested to withstand heavy traffic flow.
6. EzyJamb ISD is available in full height or custom heights and widths.
Take your project to the next level with smooth finishes made possible with EzyJamb ISD.

Want further information? Please visit www.ezconcept.com or contact our EZ Concept® support team on 1888 399 5262 or email us at sales@ezconcept.com



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