EZ Concept Supplying Chain Retail Stores

EZ Concept Supplying Chain Retail Stores

EzyJamb can now be found in numerous chain retail stores and commercial buildings around the USA.

From luxury brand stores to airport lounges, to fast-food restaurants, EzyJamb is the ideal door solution for commercial shop fittings. The steel door jamb helps create the impression of a frameless door, providing seamless clean lines and eliminating the need for trims around the door.

Below are some of the many stores EzyJamb can be found in.

There are many advantages to choosing EzyJamb for your retail space:

Fast installation on site

EzyJamb helps save time and cost on labour, the steel frames are delivered pre-cut to suit door openings, so there is no need to cut or shape the frame on site. The Classic Adjust EZC frame is adjustable up to 3/8” to allow for variations in the wall thickness, whilst the Single Rabbet SRC and Inswing ISD frames are custom made to suit your wall thickness for a quick slip-fit installation; all frames are prepped and ready to paint in with the rest of the walls in the commercial retail space, and do not require ongoing maintenance.

Compare the EzyJamb profiles to find the right one for your project:

An EzyJamb EZC installation in a Pandora storefront.
A Single Rabbet EzyJamb framed door delivered in custom sizing to suit the narrow wall face of this store interior.
More durability in high traffic areas

Manufactured in the US by Studco Building Systems, EzyJamb is made from premium Galvanneal A60 United States Steel which helps provide increased durability and extra resistance to knocks and bumps in high traffic areas. This proves to be especially beneficial in commercial applications where there is a constant need to access storerooms and other spaces. EzyJamb has also passed the 10,000-door slam test displaying the ability to withstand rigorous testing environments.

EZ Concept product quality management system:

A minimalist and modern design to suit any interior look

The hidden look of EzyJamb frameless doors makes any interior space appear larger, blending into the surroundings and the design of the commercial setting. Its minimalist look creates a clean and seamless finish as opposed to bulky trims, ensuring a continuous architectural finish to suit both traditional and modern interiors. Furthermore, the fully concealed door frame serves as an antimicrobial surface concealing the casing and making it easier to clean the flat surface and minimize the growth of bacteria in public stores.

Pair your EzyJamb frames with EzyJamb Flush Primed Doors.

Machined to match your frames, EzyJamb doors help provide a premium architectural finish with a solid particle core door. Includes three inch stile and rails for added durability and ease of trimming and hardware preparations. EzyJamb doors are designed to integrate and blend into the design of the retail space.

EzyJambs are available with RocYork Mortise Hinges that fold into themselves for quick surface mounting to the metal frame and door, with RocYork Non-Mortised Hinges that are surface mounted with self-tapping screws, making them easy to install, or with our premium recessed RocYork Concealed Hinges for a completely flush look.

EZ Concept is your one-stop door solution for retail spaces.

EzyJamb SRC frame installation with RocYork Mortise hinges in H&M store.

The EzyJamb EZC, SRC and ISD frames are available through EZ Concept’s QuickShip Range, which includes fast delivery of the products dispatched in just 48hrs on selected stock sizes, making it the ideal solution for quick shop fittings.

See the QuickShip range:

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For any further enquiries, feel free to visit ezconcept.com or contact the EZ Concept team on 1888 399 5262 or mail us at sales@ezconcept.com.

Case Studies

Yale House, CT
Products Used
EzyJamb EZC, RocYork Herline Hinges
The Garrett at The Collective, WA
WC Smith
Products Used
EzyJamb SRC, RocYork Concealed Hinges
AVEC on H Street, WA
Products Used
EzyJamb EZC, RocYork Concealed Hinges


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