Invisible handles that won’t go unnoticed

Invisible handles that won’t go unnoticed

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Achieve a seamless look throughout your project with RocYork® No-Ha invisible handles. RocYork No-Ha Invisible Handles allows the handles to provide a special detail or disappear into the interior entirely.

The RocYork® NoHa 2.0 is the next evolution in door handles – integrating door handle and magnetic lock in one box. RocYork NoHa 2.0 enables doors to be opened and shut whilst completely concealing the handle providing the same seamless finish as the EzyJamb® doors and EzyReveal® windows.

The invisible handle seamlessly fits into the contemporary, flush aesthetic of any commercial or domestic space. The craftsmanship of its design allows for application to a range of features, including swing doors, sliding doors, drawers and cupboards. The RocYork® No-Ha 2.0 Slide not only recedes into the door panel but also slides into the wall cavity, this means there is no protruding latch or striker plate to disturb the premium aesthetic.

The imaginative creation of the RocYork No-Ha Invisible Handle offers so much more than its elegant design and finish. Defined by its proven reliability, the Invisible Handle involves no moving parts whilst opening and closing. This helps ensure that it is built to last as it is maintenance-free. The shock free functionality of the handle guarantees its fluidity – noiseless with each opening and close of the door.

The ease of use can be seen in the Invisible Handle’s self-engaging magnetic latch, all that is required is to simply push the flap in and pull or push the door open.

The RocYork cover plate is available in MDF to allow the surface to be painted to match the finish of the door panel, or also stainless steel for a more durable high traffic application.

Contact the EZ Concept® team on 1 888 399 5262 for more information on the RocYork No-Ha invisible handle.



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