The Studco Update – Edition 12

The Studco Update – Edition 12

The Studco® Update – providing you with product insights, industry news, tips, case studies and more! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in Edition 12.

Project Profile – Historical rooms with a view

The Pittman Hotel was originally designed by William Sidney Pittman, Dallas’ first African American architect, in 1916 for the fraternal order of The Knight of Pythias. It later became the Union Bankers
Insurance Company that went on to serve the neighborhood for over 30 years…

The economical solution for wall ends

Cased openings and capping of internal balustrades, window openings and internal partition wall ends are
all made easy using EzyCap®.

Using a slip-fit fixing method, EzyCap simply slides onto the end of the drywall and doesn’t require preparation to paint in with the rest of the wall, significantly reducing time and effort during installation and presenting a crisp finished wall end.

As the strong and versatile alternative for stop ends, EzyCap is an economical way to cap wall ends and prevent…

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