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Hidden Steel Door Jamb System

EzyJamb - The frameless door jamb system.

EzyJamb® is the hidden door jamb system that creates seamless clean lines and eliminates the need for trims around the door frame.

Providing a modern and defining feature to your project; EzyJamb® conceals the door frame and creates square set interiors, as the unique frameless steel door jamb system wraps the drywall during framing and blends seamlessly with the wall. 

EzyJamb is available in the following styles:

Manufactured by Studco Building Systems, EzyJamb and is made from premium galvanized steel, to offer a more durable solution to traditional timber jambs. EzyJamb is specialty coated and readily accepts a level 5 finish, achieving a smooth transition between the wall and door face.

EzyJamb has successfully surpassed the 10,000 ‘Door Slam’ Test, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a quality product for your project.

Compare the EzyJamb profiles here.

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EzyJamb Classic Adjust - EZC

EzyJamb Classic Adjust - EZC is a split-type door jamb system that creates a trimless door for inconspicuous clean lines to complete the contemporary look of architectural spaces.

The two-piece jamb is adjustable to allow for various wall thicknesses, ensuring a smooth finish along the wall face.

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EzyJamb EZC

EzyJamb Single Rabbet - SRC

The premium design of the EzyJamb SRC provides a smooth transition from one side of the door jamb allowing a minimalistic sophistication in apartments, homes and commercial buildings. 

This one-piece frameless door jamb is made custom to perfectly suit your wall thickness for a flush finish. 

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EzyJamb SRC


EzyJamb Inswing Door - ISD

EzyJamb ISD allows the door to swing open into the corresponding room, but can be installed flush in line with the wall face, hiding the appearance of doors along the wall. 

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EzyJamb ISD

EzyJamb Double Rabbet Door - DRC

EzyJamb Double Rabbet - DRC allows for two door panels to be installed on the same door jamb, as used in hotels for family suites. 

This modern approach to hotel door jambs complements minimalistic hotel interiors where a premium finish is required in all areas.

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DRC Double



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