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Door Hardware

Hinges to perfectly complement EzyJamb® Door Jambs

The combination of premium quality door furniture and contemporary interior styling is defined in RocYork®, the accredited supplier of authentic door hardware for the EzyJamb system. RocYork are currently developing a select range of functional door furniture that integrates seamlessly with all facets of the EzyJamb door system.
The elite RocYork range covers…

  • Door handles for EzyJamb
  • Door locks for EzyJamb
  • Door hinges for EzyJamb
  • Door closers for EzyJamb
  • Door strikes & latches for EzyJamb
  • Door security for EzyJamb
  • Door accessories for EzyJamb

Concealed Hinges

RocYork Concealed hinges provide the ultimate architectural look; hidden from view to allow for continuous clean lines around the door frame.

Non-Mortised Hinges

RocYork Non-Mortised Hinges are thinner than standard hinges, reducing the gap between the door and jamb and creating a cleaner look.

Mortised Hinges

Specially designed and manufactured to partner with the EzyJamb door jamb systems, the loose pin RocYork Mortised Hinges are surface mounted with self-tapping screws, making them easy to install.

Invisible Handles by No-Ha

The patented RocYork No-Ha is an integrated door handle that camouflages into the door face.

The innovative system combines the functionality of a door handle and magnetic lock to enable the door to be opened and shut without a visible door handle.

Mortise Lock Transparent

Handles & Locks

A line of door handles and locks designed to complete contemporary spaces. Slimline and more defined models create an option between complementary features and eye-catching designs.

Door Closers

This very slim – non-handed 2-4 power adjustable door closer is suitable for a variety of metal and timber doors for use in projects such as hospitals, care homes, schools, colleagues and other areas.


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