Clayfield House, QLD

BSM Builders
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EzyJamb SRC, SlideSet, EzyReveal, EzyPelmet, AluBase, RocYork
38 Drane Street, Clayfield, QLD, 4011

Clayfield House, QLD

Brisbane home meets aesthetic fluidity with flush finishes and clean lines.

Modern design has been brought to life in a luxurious spot of inner Brisbane with the complementary openings and finishings of the EZ Concept® range. These architectural systems elevate the Clayfield house which already has all the charm of the suburban landscape in Brisbane’s north. Our client’s vision for their house was defined by its square-set design and sleek, modern features; achieving this vision required close collaboration and outside-the-box thinking. Encompassing the grand 1,341sqm block, this cul-de-sac is defined by its striking contemporary design.

Clayfield House EzyReveal Full Wall
Eye-catching vistas of the backyard are opened up by the EzyPelmet recessed pelmet system installed alongside EzyReveal windows
Clayfield House SlideSet
The Full-height SlideSet leading from an upstairs bedroom through to the bathroom
Collaborative Work for a Singular Vision

The EZ Concept team worked with designer Peter Ambler on the project; his design formed a consistent architectural statement that incorporated minimalist detailing and square-set finishes throughout. EZ Concept openings and finishings systems were suited to both the aesthetic and functional needs of this design.

The team also worked with BSM Builders in the architectural system installations. Steady conversation with BSM took place as the team conducted routine inspections and check-ins. The EZ Concept team mediating between these partners ensured the quality finish of the project along with its time and cost-effective development.

Clayfield House EzyReveal Frontyard
The minimalist design on full display in the hallway; an EzyJamb SRC door jamb can be seen on the left whilst an EzyReveal framed window overlooks the stunning light fixture into the backyard.
Custom Designs for Custom Needs

Openings and finishings were made to order according to the client’s specific needs. The EZ Concept team offered specifications for architectural systems in every room of the house, encompassing both floors.

A number of EzyJamb® Single Rebated Door Frames (SRC) and SlideSet® Cavity Sliding Doors were installed to do away with the obtrusive visual of traditional architraves. These were each made to the height specifications of the corresponding rooms with a mix of standard and full-height doors. 2340mm and 2400mm door frames were custom made for the standard and full-height height door openings respectively. Creating these panoramic openings allowed contrasting spaces of the house to blend together seamlessly. Along with this came a sense of spaciousness as the flow from one space to the next achieves an aesthetic decluttering. These doors alternated between left- and right-handing dependant on the room as accommodated by the EZ Concept team.

Clayfield House EzyReveal Shower
The downstairs bathroom and shower are defined by clean lines thanks to the striking openings created by the EzyReveal.
A Range of Openings and Finishings Bringing the House Together

The EZ Concept Range is designed for confluence – working in tandem to form a wholistic, modern interior. The architectural vision for the project was met with the consistent, integrated aesthetic of our innovative systems. Applied alongside one another, the EZ Concept range brings a minimalistic flush finish to this home whilst the consistent, contemporary look matches the fluidity of its design.

The following members of the EZ Concept range can be seen in this striking house:

EZY Service Makes for Easy Work

Our devoted team consulted with BSM Builders to solve installation queries for this project. The EZ Concept team offered instructions and assistance over the phone whilst the initial SlideSets and EzyJambs were installed. The client requested that the AluBase® skirting boards be altered to connect with the bottom of each door opening. In collaboration with BSM, the EZ Concept team found a workaround to make this possible – trimming the bottom of the EzyJamb and SlideSet frames to align with the skirting boards.

It is these instances of on-the-go service and creative solutions that the EZ Concept team specialise in. This service aided in the timely completion of the build and ensured the architectural opening and finishing sections were detailed precisely as the client desired.

The EZ Concept team specialise in working closely with clients to ensure all of their needs are addressed and met. The team is adept at configuring inventive workarounds and alternatives for tricky designs. The flush finish architectural systems at EZ Concept coupled with the dedicated services of the team can be seen and felt all throughout this stunning home.

See what EZ Concept can do for your next project. Get in touch with us at or +61 3 9737 2500

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