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What is so unique about the EzyJamb flush finish door jamb?

EzyJamb® is the original door jamb system that eliminates trims, giving you that subtle, contemporary, clean line look. It’s durable, it’s affordable and is at home in commercial offices and showrooms, quality homes and public spaces like hospitals and schools.

How is the EzyJamb fixed?

EzyJamb is screw fixed to the jamb studs and header with flat headed screws (through the perforated sides) every 8″ into the wall stud, becoming a solid part of the wall structure.

How is the trim-free EzyJamb finished with plaster walls?

EzyJamb is fitted after the drywall has been installed, and has 1-1/2″ perforated sides for flush finishing with top coat into the walls, achieving clean trim-free lines around the doorway.

Do I have to use any special paint or preparation methods on EZ Concept products?

EZ Concept® products are manufactured from zinc annealed steel and meet the finished surfaces standards to ensure it can be painted immediately, without any special preparation, so long as it is free of dust, dirt and oil.

What is the rough opening size required for my door?

To determine the rough opening size required for your project, please follow the below calculation:

Nominal Door Height + Header Clearance + Frame RO Requirements + Floor Covering Clearance = Rough Opening Height

Nominal Door width + Width Clearance + Frame RO requirements = Rough Opening Requirements

Please refer to the EzyJamb Installation Instructions to determine each frame requirements.


For example: EzyJamb SRC Frame

80″ + 1/8″ + ¾” + ¾” = 81 5/8″  Rough Opening Height

35 13/16” + 3/16” + 1” = 37” Rough Opening Width

SRC Door Opening Requirements

Can I fit moulding or trims with the EzyJamb system?

Yes, moulding or trim can be fitted, but the EzyJamb concept is designed to create an ‘trim-free’ opening.

What hinges should be used with EzyJamb?

EzyJamb can be used with a variety of concealed and non-mortised hinges. Stainless Stainless steel EzyJamb hinges are provided with each door frame (lift off hinges are available if required).

Can EzyJamb be used if I have a solid core door?

Yes, EzyJamb can be used with a solid core door. You will need to make sure that you are using the correct hinge and quantity to accommodate the door weight.

Will plaster crack around the edges of the finished EzyJamb?

Plaster around the edges of the EzyJamb will not crack if the EzyJamb is installed according to the installation guide — i.e. must be screwed off every 8″ and double screwed at the hinge points and top corners. EzyJamb then becomes an integral part of the wall.

Can EzyJamb be used in a doorway with no header?

Yes, custom made EzyJambs are available with no header for full height doors.

How long does it take to fit an EzyJamb frame?

10 -15 minutes depending on the installer.

Do all EzyJamb frames come prepped with silencer holes?

No, our Classic Adjust and Inswing frames do not come prepped with silencer holes. However, our SRC and DRC frames do come prepped.

Does EzyJamb provide silencers?

As a standard, EZ Concept does not provide silencers. However, they can be purchased from most building material suppliers in several color options and they are typically in abundant supply.

How many silencer holes are prepped for each frame type (How many on legs and headers)?

Our SRC and DRC frames have 3 silencer holes per leg jamb. They are located 12” from top of frame, 12” from bottom of frame, and the centre is evenly spaced.

Can EzyJamb be used with masonry or brick walls?

Yes, masonry wall installation instructions are available contact sales@ezconcept.com for more details.

How can I achieve that flush finish look throughout the rest of my project?

Check out our extensive EZ Concept Finishing range of products.

What about baseboards? What can be used?

Any type of baseboard can be used but to compliment the flush finish look — “Alubase®” slim line aluminium baseboard, which is only 0.06inches in thickness is the best matching option.

Cavity Sliders - How do I match in the clean line look?

A range of Cavkit® trims are available to transform your existing pocket door unit into a trim-free door way. We can also supply complete flush finish Cavkits. Contact us to find out more about our SlideSet® flush finish pocket door system.

How do I go about closing off the ends on a FastCap?

Butt up some plaster board or MDF to close off the ends. Use a reveal angle to flush off the edges and apply a gap filler product to ensure the plaster butts up to the FastCap on the inside.

Does the CavKit come with the SlideSet?

The CavKit and SlideSet are sold separately.

What jamb studs do I use for the opening for an EzyJamb?

The manufacturer strongly recommends a timber stud or a 0.75 BMT metal stud on both sides of the opening.

Does the SlideSet come with a CavKit?

The SlideSet and CavKit are sold separately, please add the CavKit as an ‘add-on’ to your SlideSet order.

Can I match my windows with the clean line look?

Yes, a large range of EzyReveal® angles are available so that your whole project will blend in with the trim-free look.

Is EZ Concept an environmentally friendly brand?

Responsibility for caring for the environment in which we live is a Studco hallmark promoted at every level of our business. Our commitment to the environment and ISO14001 accreditation means less waste and no chemical treatment is required on our products.

View Studco’s Environmental Policy for more information.

What material are EZ Concept products made from?

EZ Concept products are manufactured from highest quality cold-formed steel sections.

Are your frames welded?

EzyJamb frames are not welded and are clipped together using a unique EzyJamb system that ensures an easy install and smooth finish.

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